Showbox for Ubuntu/Linux Free Download [Quick Steps]

Showbox is the most preferred online streaming application among Android users. However, any PC users can take advantage of Showbox using the Android emulator. So with this, Linux and Ubuntu users can download Showbox just like any other Android apps. All you need to have is a Linux supported emulator that provides an Android environment. With this, Showbox for Linux/Ubuntu can be downloaded, and you can stream the television contents from the web without any cost. For more relevant information, get into the article.

Features of Showbox for Linux/Ubuntu

The salients features of Showbox for Ubuntu or Linux PC are as follows.

  • To use Showbox app for Linux PC, you need not register or sign up for an account.
  • Despite streaming movies and TV shows, you can stream trailers, series, sports, and more other contents.
  • Showbox Linux has a built-in search bar, and you can search for anything from the extensive collection of the library.
  • Most videos will be in high-quality, or you can choose the quality of the video like HD, SD, 720p, and 360p to watch in the Linux PC.
  • The database of the Showbox will be frequently updated and therefore, you shall access the latest releases.
  • By using the filter options like IMDB ratings, genres, year of release, you can find any video instantly.
  • Stream your favourite Showbox contents by choosing it from different genre or categories.
  • In addition to streaming contents online, you can also download any videos to watch it in the offline mode without the internet.

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How to Download Showbox for Linux/ Ubuntu PC

Just like Windows and Mac, Showbox can be downloaded on Linux PC with the help of an emulator called Anbox. It is a Linux supported Android emulator to run any Android app on Linux and Ubuntu. Anbox emulator will integrate any Android apps like Showbox into Linux PC just like the native app. Get into the section below to know more about the steps to download Showbox for Linux/Ubuntu using Anbox.

Note: We recommend using your Linux terminal to install Anbox emulator firstly and then the Showbox apk.

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Linux PC initially and download Showbox apk from any trustworthy third-party site. Rename it as Showbox.apk.

Step 2: After that, you need to open the terminal on your Ubuntu or Linux PC.

Step 3: To install Anbox emulator, you should enter the command as

$ sudo apt install anbox

Step 4: Now, you should download ADB. Follow the guidelines to get it on your Ubuntu PC.

$ sudo apt install android-tools-adb

Step 5: To start up the ADB server on your Linux PC, enter the command as

$adb devices

Step 6: Anbox will be listed as an emulator on the list. Lastly, enter the command given below to run the Showbox apk on Linux.

$ adb install filename.apk.

For instance, enter as $ adb install Showbox.apk

Step 7: Open Showbox app from the Anbox emulator to stream your favourite contents on your Linux PC.

Showbox also works on Firestick, iPhone, Smart TV

To Sum Up

Installing Showbox on Linux Mint or Ubuntu PC is easy with the help of Anbox emulator. With this, you can stream movies, TV shows, on-demand contents, and more. Hope the article has given you useful information about Showbox for Ubuntu.

Author: Abbot Luckey

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